Configurable Learning Management Systems for K12

Supported by two new technologies, the Adaptive Reader Technology (ART) and the Behavioral Analytics Reporting System (BARS), LoudCloud’s Learning Management Ecosystems are fully adaptive and can be configured to meet academic and technology needs of today’s institutions, universities, and schools for a personalized learning and teaching experience.

LoudCloud’s dis-aggregated component architecture allows institutions, universities and schools to pick and choose from an expanding suite of native and best-of-breed learning apps to create a personalized platform which meets their specific deployment needs. Leveraging cloud-based computing technologies, the LoudCloud Ecosystems provide for a variety of flexible and scalable deployment options including:

  • Adaptive and highly personalized student and teacher experience
  • mproved outcomes through actionable and predictive analytics
  • Variety of customizable course templates to support your delivery model
  • Modular component design for “Pick & Choose” access to an expanding universe of learning tools
  • Open integration with a variety of SIS, CRM, authentication and back office solutions
  • Variety of cloud-based deployment architectures including on-premise or managed services.

LoudCloud’s Adaptive Reader Technology (ART) was developed to improve graduation and student success rates by accelerating mastery of learning and improving student engagement and retention through data driven instruction. LoudCloud’s adaptive technology captures and statistically analyzes over 300 variables from student demographics, course engagement and assessment data to deliver necessary content, supplementary materials, remedial instruction, tutoring support and personalized feedback based on each learner’s profile.

LoudCloud’s Behavioral Analytics Reporting Systems (BARS) logs and audits every click activity of its users on the platform, thereby analyzing the behavioral pattern of each user. The patterns and reports generated through this engine help both educators and administrators, apart from students themselves to apply timely remediation at their points of need.

In addition to a fully adaptive and configurable Learning Management System, LoudCloud Systems is also announcing new initiatives for 2012. LoudCloud Systems will be hosting their first quarterly Lightning Forum on April 19, 2012 in Phoenix Arizona. The LoudCloud Lightning Forum is a one-day event with where attendees will be given an up-close review of the acclaimed Learning Management Systems, deployment updates from recently acquired customers in Higher Education and K12 and panel discussions around issues and solutions with educators, administrators and instructional designers.