Gaggle iPad app provides secure sharing

Sharing iPads among several students is common practice in schools today. With Gaggle’s iPad App, users have their own set of documents, files, and emails that are secure, and protected from other users who share and access the same device.

Features include:

• App Springboard – Quick jump to each feature.
• Email – Full access to all Gaggle email.
• Digital Locker– Secure, virtual file storage With upload, preview, and download capability.
• Assignment Drop Box – Organized paperless alternative for collecting assignments.
• GaggleTube – YouTube access from the iPad with all content being filtered and monitored.
• Video and Image Insert – Insert images and videos from the iPad camera roll into the Digital Locker.
• Calendar – Individual and shared calendars integrated with Gaggle's email and assignment drop boxes.
• Blogs
• Discussion Boards
• AirPrint Capability – Print applications to an AirPrint enabled printer.

Safety & Security

• Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) – provides real time image analysis to detect and prevent pornographic images displayed through electronic communication.
• Content Filtering – all incoming and outgoing emails are scanned for inappropriate text and images and all attachments are checked as well.
• Controlled Communication – complete control over whom your students can correspond with.
• Comprehensive Spam and Virus Protection
• Secure Login
• Human Monitoring Service (HMS) – puts monitoring of blocked messages and activities in Gaggle’s hands.