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Video creation app for iPad

The new myCreate app (opens in new tab), offered by iCreate to Educate, allows students to express their ideas by creating videos (opens in new tab). Using anything from classroom resources to household items, students demonstrate their understanding of common core content. Videos are then saved to personal albums and/or shared with educators, peers and family via Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo (opens in new tab) or HapYak.

myCreate is designed for K12 students. Simple icons and navigation make it easy for students to film scenes and edit videos. Students can slow down or speed up delivery of frames, duplicate frames to lengthen scenes and add music or audio recordings to their video.

iCreate to Educate’s Stop-Action-Movies (SAM) Animation software allows students and teachers to capture still images from a webcam or camera on a mobile device that can be played back in movie form like a digital flip book.

To purchase the $4.99 app click here (opens in new tab). To learn more, visit and