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Professional Development Through Just-in-Time Learning

Wednesday, April 11, 2007 at 4:00 EST

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There are many challenges schools face when developing effective Professional Development programs — lack of time, high cost and limited follow-up resources, to name only a few. This Webinar will illustrate the Professional Development strategies of two districts that both culminate with the same approach — just in time learning. Just-in-time learning provides a cost effective, time saving resource to address technology training and support, which is available the moment it is needed. When learners (teachers and students) can get the instruction they need when they need it and can repeat it as often as they want, they learn — and remember. You will discover how Okaloosa County School Districts and Ector County ISD each implemented their just-in-time learning programs to enhance Professional Development. In addition, you will hear how this type of program can bring the added benefit of providing students and parents with a resource to increase their technology proficiency.