Anne Frank House VR Experience in Oculus Go @oculus #edtech #VR

While our ELA students are reading the Diary of Anne Frank play which coincides with the World War 2 unit in Social Studies. Using our Oculus Go devices, my students visited the Secret Annex, from the Diary of Anne Frank. 

Using Oculus Go in the classroom

After training half of the students on how to use the Oculus Go headsets, the students then trained their peers to operate the device. We found that there was a relatively low learning curve for successfully navigating the experience.

This immersive experience that brought new life to Anne Frank’s account. Check out one student’s journey… Click here to see a bit of the experience (created using a green screen we can record what the student is seeing live).

Text of Molly's thoughts on the VR Anne Frank House

We are looking forward more VR experiences like this in our school. 

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