Free and Low-cost Videoconferencing

You have the videoconferencing equipment and teachers that are interested in setting up a project, but you are not aware of programs that are available. Here is a list of Web portals that offer free and low-cost programs.

  • T.W.I.C.E. - Two-Way Interactive Connections in Education The most user-friendly content database for distance learning resources. You can search by content, provider, cost, grade level and more! A great place to start!
  • The Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration A bit more detailed although less user-friendly than the TWICE Database!
  • CESA. 10- Alpha ,a href="" target="_blank">List of Content providers Quite a bit of text- however a quick run-down of content providers in alphabetical order.

I’ve compiled a Web Resource List called J-Ro’s Learning Resources.

Submitted by:Joan Roehre
Distance Learning Specialist for Kenosha Unified School District, Wisconsin

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