Funds for Conferences

Educational and technology conferences present excellent opportunities for professional development, as well as giving hard-working teachers the chance to feel professional. But finding the money and time for teachers to attend conferences is getting tougher. You can help your teachers create a plan that justifies why they need to attend a specific conference.

  • Assist them in developing individual learning plans that determine what learning opportunities would best meet their goals.
  • Help them develop objectives and a justification for why it is necessary to go to a specific conference and how it will support their classroom.
  • Encourage them to sell the objectives to their administrator.
  • Review and share the different funding sources such as SIP, Title I, Title II, EETT, IIUSP, etc. with your teachers so they can point to specific funding sources for their administrators.

Submitted by:Doug Prouty
Technology Specialist, Contra Costa County Office of Education

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