Kentucky Learning Depot to align with CCSS

Pearson and Kentucky today announced a collaboration to create the first digital learning repository aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Kentucky, the first state to adopt the standards, uses Pearson's EQUELLA software to embed the standards in the Kentucky Learning Depot, the state's digital library and learning community. The EQUELLA software currently powers the Depot.

Launched in November 2009, the Kentucky Learning Depot is a partnership between the state's K12 and higher education sectors, with content that spans K20 to workforce training. The Depot continues to work with libraries across the state to bring all of their content -- 85,000-plus items -- into one repository. Educators can share engaging, high quality and standards-based digital content to improve their courses, with a single point of entry to browse, search, upload, download, update, rate and reuse learning content.

Pearson's EQUELLA is a large-scale digital content repository for learning objects, research and copyrighted materials. Other uses include streamed content, exam papers, media collections and theses. K12 districts, higher education institutions and associations using EQUELLA are connected to multiple digital repositories, enabling much more effective use of digital content by students, educators and administrators.

"Kentucky's goal is to implement clearer, more consistent and rigorous standards aligned to college and workforce expectations. Together with EQUELLA, the Common Core State Standards have become a vehicle to do this," said Enid Wohlstein, Director of the Kentucky Learning Depot.

"Our team recognizes Kentucky's leadership in the adoption of the Common Core State Standards," said Peter Van Tienen, Vice President at Pearson. "The Kentucky Learning Depot is an initiative that highlights how educational technology like EQUELLA enables new approaches in the delivery of high quality learning content."

In addition to the state's own content, Kentucky Learning Depot users have access to content stored within EQUELLA repositories in the Southern Region Education Board member states of North Carolina, Florida and Georgia.

The Common Core State Standards were developed in collaboration with teachers, school administrators and experts to define a consistent framework of what students are expected to learn to be ready for college and the workforce. The initiative is coordinated by the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and the Council of Chief State School Officers.