So...What's a Vlog?

I’ve learned a bit about blogs and podcasts, but what is a vlog and what’s the classroom connection?

Vlog is short for videoblog, and it refers to a Web log that relies heavily on video to share information. Vloggers use camera phones, digital cameras capable of recording short sequences, or video cameras to record footage. Raw clips may be posted, but vloggers also use inexpensive editing software to give clips more polish. The posted clips generally run 1-3 minutes in length and may be coupled with text and images.

This is bleeding edge stuff, so we don’t really know how this will impact teaching and learning over time. However, early vlogs are being used to record lectures or special events, and to offer instruction on different topics. Here are a couple of examples:

TILT, Teachers Improving Learning with Technology (

Poem Present Readings and Lectures (

Submitted by: Susan Brooks-Young

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