The “Ultimate School” Infographic - Tech Learning

The “Ultimate School” Infographic

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If students, parents and administrators could design their own school, what technology would be essential?

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Source: From “Personalizing Learning in 2012—The Student & Parent Point of View” from Project Tomorrow’s Speak Up Survey. Read more at



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Infographic: The Teacher's Apple

"Educators are finding innovative ways to supplement their lectures with the newest technology, and students are beginning to see their devices as essential components of their college experience."Check out this infographic from informED, showing how and why Apple is dominating the tech war for today's classrooms.Is your school or district planning an iPad or mobile initiative? Let Atomic Mobilize help you, this solution includes not only PD and planning tools, but also stories, examples and resources from fellow school leaders and educators that illustrate how mobile devices can transform education and create highly personalized learning experiences for students.

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Infographic: Windows 8 Education Apps

These comprehensive charts illustrate how many of the leading Windows 8 educational apps fit within Bloom's Taxonomy—a foundational classification of various learning objectives and domains that educators set for students—across the K-12 curriculum.

The Age of the School CIO

Five years ago, the Harvard Business Review asked, "Are CIOs Obsolete?" Experts from both the business world and academia responded to that curious question, with almost all predicting a sweeping expansion, not the gradual obsolescence, of the role. Today, K-12 school districts are coming to this same conclusion.