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Video converter for webstreaming

Roland Systems Group has announced the VC-30HD - a new innovative video converter for webstreaming and capture. 
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Roland Systems Group has announced the VC-30HD - a new innovative video converter for webstreaming and capture.

The VC-30HD is a multi-input video converter and encoding device that accepts HDMI,Component, composite, S-Video, Firewire, and analog or digital audio via RCA, XLR, and AES-EBU. The VC-30HD can be selected to convert to DV, HDV, or MPEG-2 formats and combines the audio and video sources and encodes to both a Firewire stream and USB audio/video class device simultaneously. This is ideal and convenient for archiving to Blu-ray while at the same time webstreaming through a video streaming service on a PC/Mac.



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