Voice Recordings

Question: We have a teacher who wants her students to make audio recordings and readily share them with students in another class in another country. Her students have been Emailing each other, but she wants to add the element of recorded voices. What software programs are available that can facilitate these exchanges of voice recordings safely?

The IT Guy says:
YackPack is an excellent Web 2.0 technology that offers the functionality you are describing. The teacher sets up a new “Pack” after registering, and then invites students to join the pack with their Email address and first name. The system does not currently permit the creator of a Pack to listen to private messages between users, but it is easy to send audio recorded messages to one, several, or all members of the “Pack.”

Using an Internet technology similar to Macromedia Breeze, YackPack utilizes the existing microphone available on your computer to record audio that is saved directly over the Internet. At the time a new voice recording is made, the author can also type a short message that is sent to recipients of the “Yack.”

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