Quick Start Guide to Where the Money is and How to Get it

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Technology is an enabler of learning and funding for it is available for such things as professional development, online curriculum, and strategies that work. This Quick Start Guide will focus on new federal stimulus funds and other sometimes overlooked funding sources to help you find those dollars, get them, and put them to work in your district.

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Quick Start Guide to Where the Money is and How to Get it

Funding for education is always a concern and in challenging economic times like these, districts worry even more than usual about where they will find the moneyto pay for ongoing programs and new initiatives. This Quick Start Guide and companion

Where to Start?

Tip: In these competitive times of limited budgets, you are probably on a team assigned to write a grant or look for funding. So, do you find the grant or do you define your project first? If you have an ongoing or new project that you are seeking to fund, it is a good idea to spend the time to have all the

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Smart Money: How schools are saving big bucks

In these challenging economic times, just about everyone is looking for ways to cut back—even schools. From using virtualization technology to accepting lunch payments online, districts are seeking money saving methods. Here are some of our favorites.•    Get More Computing