8 Apps to Learn With Poetry

These engaging poetry apps, says Shelly Terrell, will help your students create and learn with poems.

1 Social Poetry (opens in new tab) pulls words from your Facebook feed. Users can add photos, customize, and share their creations.

2 With HaikuJAM (opens in new tab), students create haiku with two other people (each person writes one line).

3 ImageChef (opens in new tab)allows students to create poems within shapes, as word clouds, or with images.

4 FridgePoems (opens in new tab) helps students create poems using the magnetic poetry concept.

5 With Poetry Creator’s Verses (opens in new tab)app, students can access several unique dictionaries (Hip Hop, LOL, etc.), contribute words, and share their poems online.

6 The Instant Poetry 2 (opens in new tab) app provides words to create poems; students can add images.

7 Foldpass (opens in new tab) is a game where students can write haiku with their friends.

8 Name Poem (opens in new tab)allows students to create and share acrostic poems.

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