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8 Apps to Learn With Poetry

These engaging poetry apps, says Shelly Terrell, will help your students create and learn with poems.
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These engaging poetry apps, says Shelly Terrell, will help your students create and learn with poems.

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1Social Poetry pulls words from your Facebook feed. Users can add photos, customize, and share their creations.

2 With HaikuJAM, students create haiku with two other people (each person writes one line).

3ImageChef allows students to create poems within shapes, as word clouds, or with images.

4FridgePoems helps students create poems using the magnetic poetry concept.

5 With Poetry Creator’s Verses app, students can access several unique dictionaries (Hip Hop, LOL, etc.), contribute words, and share their poems online.

6 The Instant Poetry 2 app provides words to create poems; students can add images.

7Foldpass is a game where students can write haiku with their friends.

8Name Poem allows students to create and share acrostic poems.

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Great Poetry

The Poetry Foundation, publisher of Poetry magazine, presents many of the world's great poems on this site and includes sections for teachers, students and children. Introduce students to the magic of words and rhythm joined artfully together.  

Magnetic Poetry, Kids' Kits Online

Magnetic Poetry, Kids' Kits Online Magnetic Poetry, the popular maker of refrigerator magnet games, lets userscreate poems and sentences online using four different collections of word tiles. Learners can manipulate hundreds of magnets to create sentences, poems, or stories, and can also read the

Motivating Writers with Poetry

Tip: Poetry provides a fun way to motivate students to write. There is poetry everywhere. Students listen to rhymes in songs, especially in hip-hop. There are loads of resources available on the Internet to help you help your students write and become poets. The Poetry Zone has links to books, poems, and

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Magnetic Poetry

Magnetic Poetry is a web tool that you can play with magnetic words to move over on a white background to write your poems.

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Creating Poetry Videos

Poetry may be the least understood of any creative writing classes. Most students do not like poetry. In fact, some of my students turned their noses up at the mere mention of poetry. But this unit uses technology to really hook students — BIG TIME! Creating video poetry motivates students to read poetry so