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A Reason for the Season

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This is a great activity from National Geographic exploring seasons and why they change. Learn the science behind the seasons and test your knowledge on the cosmic map. In addition, there are activities for both young learners and older learners to use their understanding of seasons throughout the year. Parents can get involved, too, by asking questions about the science of seasons as well as how seasons affect culture.

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A Reason for the Season

A Reason for the Season National Geographic suggests activities for students to augment their understanding of the four seasons: the winter solstice, the summer solstice, the autumnal equinox, and the vernal equinox. Students can check their knowledge by using the cosmic map included in the

Reason for Seasons

This activity provides instructions for students to model the seasons with their own earth globes. After students have been to each of the four dates December 21, March 21, June 21, and September 21, they will have modeled a year,

The Seasons

Especially for kids, the Weather Dude provides a simple explanation of the seasons.  Includes a music clip titled "Circle of Our Four Seasons," and suggested lesson plans and school assignments. courtesy of netTrekker

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NASA StarChild: A Song for All Seasons

Developed by two ambitious middle grade teachers with the help of the astrophysics center of NASA, A Song For All Seasons is an activity which pairs the work of Italian composer, Antonio Vivaldi with a lesson on the earth's relationship to the sun.

Seasons Interactive

Seasons Interactive This interactive by McGraw Hill helps illustrate the concept of seasons by providing users with a series of tools to manipulate and observe this cycle. Change the Earth's inclination, the speed in which it travels, and how seasons would both feel and appear if our inclination

Weather Dude: The Seasons

Weather Dude: The Seasons Especially for kids, the Weather Dude provides a simple explanation of the seasons. Author includes a music clip titled "Circle of Our Four Seasons" plus suggested lesson plans/school assignments Nick Walker, Small Gate Media • Lesson Plans • Learning

A Clear Voice for Science

An excellent resource for the latest science news, podcasts, and blogs. Learn what to expect when you view tonight's sky, explore topics related to space and astronomy, and browse a collection of teacher resources and activities for children. Site's main


"¡Españolé!" A bottomless source of Spanish treasures that ensnare the imagination and appetites of nearly anyone with an interest in the Spanish language. From the basic learner to the AP student, from the teacher to the native speaker,

Create A Storyboard

Creating a storyboard to plan a video presentation is the basis for this interactive site. Explains key terms that address different types of camera shots and angles so that learners can begin to understand how to use visual media to