BBC Motion Gallery: Concepts

BBC Motion Gallery: Concepts

What does "Disappointment" look like? How about "Punctual"? Or "Bizarre"? These are just three of several hundred concepts, from "Accurate" to "Zest", available as video clips on this excellent BBC site. Clicking on a concept brings up a series of thumbnail clips illustrating that concept. Teachers of Language Arts will adore this site for many reasons. First, students creating video projects might be able to (consult your district's legal counsel) download and use many of these clips. Even if you are advised against downloading you can still have your students view the clips, which can be wonderful creative-writing generators. Students can play film-critic and discuss whether or not a particular clip adequately illustrates its concept. ESL/ELL students will enjoy writing about what they see in a particular clip. Finally, classes can use the concept labels as aids to vocabulary-building (synonyms and antonyms).

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Judy O'Neill