Brief Description of the Site:
Visit British schools sites to find out what's happening in the U.K., and you'll find some interesting resources with an international touch. The Schools home page of BBC (The British Broadcasting Corporation in England, famous for its news broadcasts on TV and radio also has an extensive education site as a resource.) Subjects are presented under age categories and are easy to find, so you don't have to try to figure out comparable grade levels in the American education system. Click on a content area in the age category of interest for activities and lesson plans. Colorfully illustrated worksheets are available for younger students.

How to use the site:
The site is vast but straightforward in presentation of links and material. One recommended link would be English for the 16+ set. So you think we speak English? Definitely worth a visit, and a pull down menu of grammar offers a range of topics for study. Genre, Context, poets, Systematic Language Frameworks, and sample exams all comprise just one subject within one age category. Multiply this by the number of categories and subjects and there's quite a range of material from which to choose. Here we have the "Dummies" series of "How to" books. The British use the "Guru Books and Video" series as one of their self-help publications. Worth a look for excellent material and a different perspective from across the ocean.

Submitted by:
Neme Alperstein