Cherry Creek High School(2)

Name:Cherry Creek High School

Cherry Creek High School serves students grades 9-12 in Greenwood Village, Colorado. The CCHS Web site targets students, parents, and teachers and provides quick access to general information about the school. Easy-to-find links make it a snap to use a variety of online resources including PowerSchool, Blackboard, netTrekker, and other subscription services provided by the school.

How to use the site:
Parents who need to contact teachers often don’t know the best time to try. In addition to offering contact links, teacher schedules are provided so parents know when teachers are on their prep period. Students who are interested in taking online courses have access to a complete course catalog that includes sample online activities they can try prior to registering. The Library area includes helpful links to research topics, writing guides, homework help, and more.

Submitted by: Susan Brooks-Young (The CCHS Webmaster can be reached at