Education Oasis: Super Sites for Students

Name:Education Oasis: Super Sites for Students

Brief Description of the Site:
Just one of the resources found on the main Education Oasis site, this is a thorough listing of student-appropriate Web sites available today. It features an alphabetized list of some 35 discreet categories, from “Activities and Games†to “Young Writers.†Some categories, such as “Animals and Insects,†have over 20 individual listings, although some, such as “Health†may have five or fewer. Nevertheless, this is an excellent resource that should be consulted again and again, as it can provide all the information one needs to create WebQuests and other Web-based research activities.

How to use the site:
With summer vacation here, this might be the ideal time to explore many of the sites listed here to prepare for next year’s exciting Web-based activities. Younger students are sure to enjoy some of the many sites listed under “Animals and Insects†and “Dinosaurs†while middle- and secondary-school students will benefit from sites in the math, social studies, and science categories — plus many other. Take the time to surf some of the listed sites. Your students will be glad you did.