Brief Description of the Site: describes itself as "a free English web site for learning English as a second language". The site's designer, a former New Yorker now teaching in Korea, offers online lessons in grammar, vocabulary, reading, and writing as a resource for both students and teachers of English as a Second or "Foreign" Language (hence, the ESL or EFL designation).

How to use the site:
For learners, a pull down menu offers quizzes, free online classes, links to sites for learning English, and a link to sites marketing products for studying English. ESL teachers can find activities for teaching English in the classroom, links to English teaching sites, and again, links to commercial products related to learning English. Moderated forums and message boards for discussions intended to encourage writing English appear on a number of topics such as movies, current issues, music, and even Harry Potter. The site is limited by its size, but it can be very useful. There's enough material for beginners wishing to improve English language skills, with lesson plans, business English, and speaking activities. The resource links allow one to pursue further study along with quizzes in grammar, and WebQuests on best ways to learn. This site is simple, and manageable, especially for someone who must navigate it with limited English.

Submitted by:
James Trotta
Visiting Professor at Catholic University of Korea