Experiment and Explore Mathematics(2)

Name:Experiment and Explore Mathematics

Brief Description of the Site:
This site requires the use of java applets to take advantage of its interactivity. Choices include graphs of functions, linear equations, polynomials, systems of linear equations, and much more for high school and college math. Online tests offer the chance to evaluate skills learned after one visits the Explorations and Tutorials section. For those feeling mathematically proficient, there's the section on mathematics applied to physics and engineering, with a host of additional links.

How to use the site:
This site assumes a mathematics background and offers those students an extensive resource, complete with explanations, problems, simulations, and an opportunity to contact the professor with mathematics related questions. The lecturer who created the site wishes to convey a love of mathematics with a wish to share the concepts explored.

Submitted by:
Dr Abdelkader Dendane, Ph.D,
Lecturer in Mathematics, United Arab Emirates University, UGRU.