Frau Doktor Bogard's German Website

Name:Frau Doktor Bogard's German Website

Eva Bogard teaches German at Riverview High School in Sarasota, Florida. Her Web site offers a variety of student resources including teacher-created audio files, assignments, fact sheets, and forms. The site also includes an informative page for parents.

How to use the site:
The content on Dr. Bogard's eye-catching site is directly correlated to daily instruction. An online virtual binder helps students find supporting materials for lessons quickly and easily. In addition to teacher-created audio files, students have opportunities to add their own audio content. Dorothy Tuccinardi, who nominated the site reports, "I provide training and support for teachers in our district who want to make use of our in-house Web site. I use Dr. Bogard's site as an example of the variety and quality of content that can be brought to a student's digital emporium. She is definitely an educator who is committed to 21st century teaching."

Submitted by:
Dorothy Tuccinardi