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How Art Made the World: Learning Resources

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Using the PBS documentary "How Art Made the World" as a jumping off point, these five lessons ask students to think about fundamental concepts such as how the human form is represented, styles of portraiture, the messages that art conveys, art as an act of self-expression, and using art to communicate personal memories. Each lesson includes learning objectives, the materials needed for the lesson, the national standards addressed, and classroom activities. Although most suited for grades 9-12, these plans could be adapted for middle school students.

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Art and technology

From the center of America's high tech industry, the Silicon Valley Art Museum showcases the talents of artists past, present, and future who explore the connections between art and technology. Through a variety of high interest exhibits and educational programs,

Lesson plans made simple is a new website offering ways for teachers to organize and access their lesson plans online. Users can access their planbook from any internet connection, and customize or edit, using word processing software, online. Both free and premium service ($25

Eyes on Art: A Learning to Look Curriculum

Name: Eyes on Art: A Learning to Look Curriculum Brief Description of the Site: Start with the Teacher’s Guide, as it offers thorough instructions of how to use the other five modules, all of which are dedicated to helping students look at and understand art. To do so the site offers thumbnails of many famed,

They Made America

They Made America This is the companion site to They Made America, the four-part public broadcasting series on looking at America through its innovators -- from the early days to today. From Alexander Graham Bell (telephone) to John Wanamaker (department store) and from Ted Turner (CNN) to Fred Smith