Merriam Webster's Word Central

Name:Merriam Webster's Word Central

Brief Description of the Site:
It is mainly about looking up words in the dictionary, thesaurus, etc. You can also make your own dictionary and submit a make-pretend word of your own. You can also go to the science lab or other places in the "hallway". Compose your own poem by choosing various parts of speech in a "Mad Libs-like" activity. All links and activities are "word" related from buzz words to bulletin board.

How to use the site:
You just select a destination or type in a word you want to search for. Then, you just follow the instructions and choose places you want to go or which definition fits your word. If you need help, just click the help button on the home page. Create verse with your words, or locate buzzwords for games. The site helps to build vocabulary through its "word" activities and popup screens with brief definitions.

Submitted by:
Katherine Kuang