Mexico for Kids

Name:Mexico for Kids

Brief Description of the Site:
Sponsored by the Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Mexico, this site, available in English, Spanish, French, and Italian, provides a kid-friendly look at many aspects of our neighbor to the south. The site features seven content areas entitled History, Government, Explore, Biodiversity, Games, About Mexico, and News. Each major area is content-rich with a wealth of information presented in an easy-to-read style suitable for elementary grades. For example, Explore allows users to select and learn about any of Mexico’s 33 states, from Aguascaliente to Zacatecas, and there is a separate section just for Mexico City and its attractions. The About Mexico page offers links to holidays, games, recipes, and many other aspects of Mexican culture.

How to use the site:
This is a very colorful and definitely child-centric site, with bold graphics and non-threatening explanations. It’s an excellent resource for elementary school students studying this large and historic country. The site gives a lot of information, but does so in an entertaining fashion. Another possibility is for foreign language classes to view the site in either its Spanish, French, or Italian versions as a way of practicing vocabulary and comprehension.