Mr. Ferlazzo's English Website

Name:Mr. Ferlazzo's English Website

Larry Ferlazzo teaches English at Luther Burbank High School in Sacramento, California. Ferlazzo has initiated A Family Literacy Project that lends home computers and offers families free one-year subscriptions to DSL accounts. As a result, students have home access to a wealth of free online materials, which they use to improve their skills in English. Links to these resources are provided through Ferlazzo’s classroom site.

How to use the site:
This site is used by high school English Language Learners in a before and after-school ESL Lab and by their families for the Family Literacy Project. There are links to thousands of activities geared to English Language Learners from pre-literate to advanced levels. Categorized into four main pages (Beginners, Intermediate/Advanced, Bilingual Exercises, and English Themes for Beginners), all Beginner sites also have audio. Content on the site is suitable for all age levels, though teachers of very young children might want to review some of the links listed under "Health."

Submitted by:
Larry Ferlazzo