NASA StarChild: A Learning Center for Young Astronomers

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StarChild from NASA defines and describes astronomy topics in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. The website is presented in two levels which cover the same topics: Solar System, Universe, Space Stuff, and Glossary. Included are short videos, pictures, audio content, songs about the Doppler Shift and the Hubble Space Telescope, and many student activities. There is an extensive section with links to activity books and posters, a question of the month with archives of previous questions, and links to other sites about astronomy, including the NASA astronomy site for high school students.

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NASA Celebrates - A Century of Powered Flight

Name: NASA Celebrates - A Century of Powered Flight Brief Description of the Site: Happy 100th to the Wright Brothers as we celebrate their first successful flight ushering powered flight into the 20th century. Everything (or if not everything, quite a lot) the flight enthusiast might want to know is here from

Science at NASA

Name: Science at NASA Brief Description of the Site: This is science in the news (also in Spanish) with stories based on scientific inquiry. Topics covered include Space Science, Astronomy, Living In Space, Earth Science, Biological and Physical Sciences, Beyond Rocketry, and Satellite Tracking, all links to

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NASA StarChild: A Song for All Seasons

Developed by two ambitious middle grade teachers with the help of the astrophysics center of NASA, A Song For All Seasons is an activity which pairs the work of Italian composer, Antonio Vivaldi with a lesson on the earth's relationship to the sun.

NASA Profiles: Careers in Spaceflight

Name: NASA Profiles: Careers in Spaceflight Brief Description of the Site: These NASA sites provide information on careers in the aerospace industry. You'll want to download Real Player (it's free) in order to get the full effect of the information. The animation and music make for an exciting virtual tour.

NASA Quest's Challenge: Design A Martian

Name: NASA Quest's Challenge: Design A Martian Brief Description of the Site: This NASA educational site provides a challenge to students to design a Martian that can live in the Mars atmosphere. There are Student and Teacher pages with instructions as well as dates of upcoming NASA webcasts. NASA offers the

NASA Kids' Club

Explore the universe through a variety of colorful activities, engaging videos, and captivating photographs. NASA Kids includes student created art, stories, songs, and articles. There is also a teacher resource section, as well as links to other related sites. Normal

Genetic Science Learning Center

Practice the steps of cloning in this interactive animation. The breeds, various types of tools, and specific procedures are outlined in this colorful site. You'll answer a few questions at the end to show what you've learned. courtesy of netTrekker