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PBS: A Science Odyssey

Then and Now! A Science Odyssey gives us a fascinating look at 100 years of science and technology.
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Then and Now! A Science Odyssey gives us a fascinating look at 100 years of science and technology. This interactive website takes us on a journey of discovery in which we can explore some of the most spectacular scientific advancements from 1900 to the present. Choose from topics including Medicine and Health, Physics and Astronomy, Human Behavior, Technology, and Earth and Life Sciences to see how our current understanding has evolved. Just click on a topic to find a chronological order of events with links to activities, discoveries in the field, and information about the people who made them. 

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An excellent resource for the latest science news, podcasts, and blogs. Learn what to expect when you view tonight's sky, explore topics related to space and astronomy, and browse a collection of teacher resources and activities for children. Site's main

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Science Interactives Scholastic.com and MSNBC have linked-up to offer a series of fascinating interactive science-orientated presentations. Among the topics are Asteroid Close Calls (could our Earth be struck by an asteroid?) and The Search for Extrasolar Planets (are there other planets circling

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 Fascinating site offers 16 different science topics from atoms to volcanoes and fun, interactive exercises for each. Users can do everything from shaking down a building with a catastrophic earthquake to seeing what they might look like from outer space.

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This site offers a fascinating view of the world through the eyes of a young scientist, and is great resource for anyone thinking about science as a career.  Includes podcasts of eight scientists giving their opinions on what life is

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Trace the migration of the blues through the United States. This site features an in depth look at the origins of the blues throughout its development across the Deep South of the US and beyond.courtesy of netTrekker  


From Watson and Crick to the future of DNA, this site examines the history of modern day genetics. There is information from five episodes The Secret of Life Playing God Human Race Curing Cancer and Pandora's Box. A timeline of

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Name: Science at NASA Brief Description of the Site: This is science in the news (also in Spanish) with stories based on scientific inquiry. Topics covered include Space Science, Astronomy, Living In Space, Earth Science, Biological and Physical Sciences, Beyond Rocketry, and Satellite Tracking, all links to