Samsung Electronics has released findings from its three-year Digital Classroom initiative, which explored the impact of technology on teaching and learning among teachers and 3,000 students across the UK. Student responses reveal that:

* 81 percent now find it easier to perform a variety of tasks on computers.

* 79 percent work better with their classmates.

* 88 percent feel more confident and better equipped for future study. Students also improved their digital skills over the 2015–16 school year:

* 57 percent write code more frequently and find it easier to write code on a computer or tablet (compared to 28% at the start of the year).

* 83 percent now use apps as an effective and easy way to learn new things (compared to 64% at the start of the year).

* 80 percent say they know how to stay safe online (compared to 60% at the start of the year).

* 82 percent find a computer or tablet helpful when working with other students in a team (compared to 70% at the start of the year).