Scholastic's Teacher Resources

Name:Scholastic's Teacher Resources

Brief Description of the Site:
Remember how it felt to be a 4-year-old in a penny-candy store? That's how teachers might feel as they try to grasp the riches found on this site's homepage. At the time of this writing the main attractions were student activities and teacher guides for "Women Who Changed History" plus links for online activities entitled "Kid Reporters Cover the Primaries," and "The Lost Seas of Mars." But wait, there's more! There's "Teaching Ideas For Your Grade" (PreK-K, 1-2, 3-5, 6-8+) and sections headed "Lesson Plans," "Teaching Strategies," "Teaching Tools," and "Plan Ahead" - each with clickable links for exploration. The site does have some commercial material (such as a link to the Scholastic Teacher Store) but they're unobtrusive.

How to use the site:
There are countless ways to use this site. For example, click on "Teacher Planning Calendar" (under "Plan Ahead") to find a calendar with clickable links for each day of the month, from classroom activities for St. Patrick's Day to "Upside Down Art." Or go to "lesson Plans" to find the "Best Lessons For This Month" or go to "Teaching Strategies" to learn how inexpensive digital cameras can enhance your students' self-expression. This is just a brief sampling of the infinite possibilities available.