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Supersonic Dream

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Supersonic Dream

Examine the features of the Concorde that were designed and engineered for high-altitude, supersonic flight by exploring this detailed, interactive cross section.

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Green Dreams

Green Dreams Experts agree that there has to be an alternative to fossil fuels. But are plant-based Biofuels the answer? From national Geographic comes this incisive look at the very complex topic of finding ways to replace our dependence on oil as a fuel. National Geographic

Death of the Dream

This PBS site explores the storied history of rural life in the Midwest. You can tour a virtual farmhouse, read poetry of the time, and see examples of prairie architecture. courtesy of netTrekker

Wright Flyer Project: Dreams of Flight

A few years ago a group of engineers met at Flabob Airport in California to analyze the characteristics of the first plane and its flight to see if they could make a replica that would fly.

Witnessing A Dream

 NPR provides a captioned video slideshow that showcases highlights from Barack Obama's inauguration.  1 min, 43 sec courtesy of netTrekker