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Supersonic Dream

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Supersonic Dream

Examine the features of the Concorde that were designed and engineered for high-altitude, supersonic flight by exploring this detailed, interactive cross section.

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Green Dreams

Green Dreams Experts agree that there has to be an alternative to fossil fuels. But are plant-based Biofuels the answer? From national Geographic comes this incisive look at the very complex topic of finding ways to replace our dependence on oil as a fuel. National Geographic

Death of the Dream

This PBS site explores the storied history of rural life in the Midwest. You can tour a virtual farmhouse, read poetry of the time, and see examples of prairie architecture. courtesy of netTrekker

Wright Flyer Project: Dreams of Flight

A few years ago a group of engineers met at Flabob Airport in California to analyze the characteristics of the first plane and its flight to see if they could make a replica that would fly.

Witnessing A Dream

 NPR provides a captioned video slideshow that showcases highlights from Barack Obama's inauguration.  1 min, 43 sec courtesy of netTrekker

Dream Bigger

Tip: A lot of times we get caught in the daily grind and think only short term goals. When we work with teachers, we need to think out of the box and look at the bigger picture. Many teachers only know what happens in their classroom or with the few other teachers with whom they work. Talk to all stakeholders