Teacher's Domain

Name:Teacher's Domain

Brief Description of the Site:
Teacher's Domain is a multimedia library for life science teachers. Resources present at the site include various documents, videos, interactive resources, animations, images and audio files correlated with national science education standards. Visitors can collect resources and create folders to store them for easy access.

How to use the site:
Begin by obtaining a free account. From there, explore the various resources associated with various topics on life science. The use of these resources is only limited by a teacher's creativity; some can be projected and used as demonstrations, some may be a focus of a collaborative group activity, and some may be built into an online activity such as a WebQuest or other type of online activity. Be sure to store the resources you like in special folders that can be created on the site. Links to standards present with each resource help teachers design lessons that meet science standards.

Submitted by:
David Jakes