The Alphabet Superhighway's Teachers'Lounge

Name:The Alphabet Superhighway’s Teachers’ Lounge

Brief Description of the Site:
Just part of a great U.S. Department of Education-sponsored site, this segment is dedicated solely to teachers. The homepage is a well-done graphic of a bulletin board on which are “pinned†items for: Teacher Connections, Staff Development, Curriculum Standards, Web Projects, Discussion Groups, Acceptable Use Policies, Collaboration, and more. All are packed with valuable information. For example, clicking on Staff Development brings up a link to The Alphabet Superhighway Guide for Teaching With the Internet, an amazingly comprehensive guide that should be required reading for every pre-service teacher and every techno-phobic classroom dinosaur. Web Projects is a searchable database of classroom-appropriate Web projects and Acceptable Use Policies explains why such AUPs are important and how to draft one. Teachers who want to collaborate would choose either Collaboration, Teacher Websites, or Discussion Groups. This is an excellent place for the tech-aware teacher.

How to use the site:
As explained above, it offers help for educators in a variety of areas in a professional but easy-to-read fashion, treating educators as fellow professionals seeking to use technology better. Just browse/surf and you will come away awed and inspired. Excellent work by the U.S. DoE.

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