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The Big 6: Information & Technology Skills for Student Achievement

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As you prepare your students for the information age, be sure to check out everything offered on this site from Big 6. The Big 6 concepts are explained and lessons are included to address each one. This is a huge resource, filled with graphic organizers, lessons by learning levels, subject matter, and workshop opportunities. It also has a link to the Big 6 kids’ page which helps to reinforce the Big 6 concepts.

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Study Skills Self-help Information

Study Skills Self-help Information You will find yourself asking, "Why didn't I know all this stuff before I started high school?" The site, from Virginia Tech's Cook Counseling Center, offers excellent advice on topics such as note-taking, editing lecture notes, the SQ3R method, and much more. Have

The Big Myth

The Big Myth Click a circle on the map and watch an extraordinary show. Through colors, sounds, and animations, students can learn the creation myths of 25 unique, or perhaps not-so-unique, cultures. This is an excellent site that will capture the immediate attention of anyone studying the

Computer and Technology Skills

Computer and Technology Skills This in-depth site, both colorful and user-friendly, is actually a portal to sites dedicated to teaching word processing, Internet research, spreadsheets, databases, telecommunications, and multimedia learning modules. Clicking on any of the major categoreis brings

Nancy and Laura's Guide to K-6 Technology

Name: Nancy and Laura's Guide to K-6 Technology Brief Description of the Site: Nancy and Laura's Guide to K-6 Technology is an award winning technology training and sharing site by two New Jersey elementary technology facilitators. How to use the site: Teachers interested in an introduction to integrating

Achievement Academy

 The Academy of Achievement offers biographical sketches of hundreds of modern "leaders, visionaries, and pioneers" from around the world and from the fields of the arts, business, public service, science and exploration, and sports. Learn both what makes these men

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Academy of Achievement Students will be inspired by the great leaders of our time. They can read and listen to the life stories of people like Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the late Rosa Parks, and Colin Powell. The site features a biography and profile of each member and an interview with movie clips. The

Practical Money Skills

Name: Practical Money Skills Brief Description of the Site: Visa, the credit card company, has created a powerful site designed to help educators, parents and students practice better money management for life. With fiscal skullduggery in the headlines, there is a growing awareness of the need to prepare