The Investigator: A Science Journal for Elementary School Students

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The U.S. Forest Service offers an on-line science journal in PDF format. One volume of this journal focuses on the Northern United States, with articles about why leaves change color, ozone and tree growth, and soil activity in the winter time. There are discussion questions, charts to fill out, and interviews with the scientists who wrote the articles. Included are lesson plans and assessment ideas as well as links to further resources. Download the PDF journal here or visit the website homepage.

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The Internet TESL Journal

Name: The Internet TESL Journal Brief Description of the Site: This helpful site for Teachers of English as a Second Language focuses on Teaching Techniques, Lessons, and even Research. The home page offers the past two months’ worth of content, but the rest is available in the archives, sorted by the three

Brockington Elementary Magnet School for Science and Technology

Name: Brockington Elementary Magnet School for Science and Technology Brockington Elementary Magnet School for Science and Technology is a 4-6 school located in Darlington, SC. This attractive site provides parents easy access to general school information and is a vehicle for quick communication with school staff

Nathan Hale Elementary School

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Vector Investigation

This great little game lets users move a boat around in the water by changing the boat’s speed or the water current’s speed.