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The Land of Cyke

Take a trip to the Land of Cyke to play games, read stories, and learn about emotions and how to handle stress.
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Take a trip to the Land of Cyke to play games, read stories, and learn about emotions and how to handle stress. CYKE is dedicated to helping kids and parents understand emotional health. The Land of Cyke is filled with destinations, some of which are just for fun, and some which have some underlying messages about how to handle anxiety, bullying, and teasing. In Castle Fairhope you’ll find brain teasers and jokes, a magic lab where you can have a virtual snowball fight, and a Health Hut where you can learn about your body. Visit the Densmore Forest, board the train at Adventure Station, and visit Mount Spressmore where you can express yourself through art.

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Luling Land Lab

Name: Luling Land Lab Luling Elementary School is located in Luling, Louisiana. The Luling Lab Web site was built by a local high school Web team after the science and technology lab was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. The site documents work that the elementary students are doing to plan and fundraise in order

A Guide to Visiting the Lands of Many Nations

A Guide to Visiting the Lands of Many Nations This is a beautiful .pdf version of a brochure written by the Circle of Tribal Advisors, the Native American group connected with the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Reenactment. Although it is written in conjunction with the Bicentennial, the

The Christmas Truce

Perhaps you have heard about the Christmas Truce when peace took hold for the day between the trenches in No Man’s Land

The Maths File Game Show

The Maths File Game Show You can test your Math skills by choosing games of challenge. Number sense, algebra, measure, spatial sense, geometry, and data handling are some of the game topics that you will see here. For teachers, there is a section containing printable learning material and

Reading with The Lazy Bear

It's spring and the animals in the forest are waking up. But where is Bruno the bear? Read along as you listen to an animated story about a bear to find out what happens.  Then print words and activities to

The Blobz Guide to electricity

Learn what makes circuits work, all about conductors and insulators, switches, changing circuits, and circuit diagrams. Kids will enjoy learning science with these hands on activities games, activities, information, and quizzes about electric circuits. Up to five participants can play

The Nine Planets

Name: The Nine Planets Brief Description of the Site: With the successful landing on Mars of the rovers Spirit and Opportunity most of the focus is on the Red Planet itself. But what about Phobos and Deimos? They are the two moons orbiting Mars, as we learn from this comprehensive and scholarly site dedicated to

The Story of Steam

 In Sept. 1753, the first steam engine imported into the American colonies landed at New York City. As part of Science Museum's online exhibit on the steam engine, this site chronicles the story of steam, highlighting the force of fire,