Top10 Web Stories

Top10 Web Stories

1 Tips for Troubleshooting Chromebooks
Hold that call to the tech department and try these first—tips from David Andrade for fixing what ails your Chromebook.

2 Librarians Lead the Way in EdTech
Meet the highly qualified and experienced professional who might be the most underutilized edtech resource in your school.

3 Seven Essential Steps for Adopting New Technology
Follow these simple, common sense steps to ensure every new technology supports your larger educational goals.

4 Integrating Technology with Project-Based Learning
Connect doing to learning in PBL by blending students’ experiences with hands-on and digital tools.

5 The Sights and Sounds of Tech Success
What do magic boxes, fossils, silver linings, and drones all have in common? They’re all part of the triumph of tech!

6 Seesaw Offers Flexible Way to Manage Student Work
Showcase, organize, and reflect on student work in a variety of genres with this easy to use and visually appealing digital portfolio app.

7 Wi-Fi Powered Learning for Next Generation Classrooms
Overwhelmed by proliferating devices, increased Wi-Fi demand, and tight budgets? Here’s sound advice for building your strategy.

8 Class Tech Tips: 14 Math Edugames for Students
From racing bunnies for the Pre-Ks to geometry, fractions, and more, check out these math-tastic apps recommended by Monica Burns.

9 It’s True! I Teach Because I Can’t Do Anything Else
Inspiration and encouragement for those who measure success in smiles, seeds planted, characters shaped, and lessons well learned.

10 14 Ways to Increase Google Apps Adoption at Your School
A handy Slideshare summary full of tips and wisdom from education professionals.