1 Integrate Technology Effectively! Tip: Inspire with Student Examples
Inspire students to do great things with technology by showing them digital projects created by learners just like them.

2 4-H STEM Students Building Wearable Fitness Trackers
Learn how 4-H STEM students designed, built, and refined their own wearable fitness trackers.

3 A Woman’s Place Is in Science
With increasing awareness, women are bridging the gap—but there’s still room for improvement.

4 D is for Developmental and Formative: The ABC’s of PBL … Building Blocks to Transform Learning
Education must be developmentally appropriate while also providing formative learning experiences and assessments.

5 Music—Tool of Engagement or Weapon of Mass Distraction?
Find out what the research says—can music actually support student success?

6 Jeopardy Rocks
Revise and reinforce content and motivate students with this helpful online game builder.

7 Students Need Coding in Schools
All schools need to focus on three essential areas to help students develop the wide range of skills they will need.

8 10 Ideas for the Computing Curriculum
Make computing interesting with ideas that you could realistically implement tomorrow.

9 Create Interactive Worksheets will help you to create online, engaging, and visually appealing worksheets.

10 Geographia
This rich resource offers interesting facts and statistics to help students delve into different cultures.