Visual Portfolio

Name:Visual Portfolio

Brief Description of the Site:
Visit this black and white photography portfolio of fine art gallery with people, family, nature, animals, culture, agriculture, architecture, landscapes, cities (Tokyo, Rome, New York etc,) and environments shot on the road in various countries around the world. Photos are from Japan, China, Tibet, Indonesia, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Iran, Greece, Italy, United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, and Bolivia. There are links to photography collections owned by various arts institutions that offer other photos to study.

How to use the site:
Use this photo gallery with any grade level. Show the thumbnails and a slide show of 70 slides in class to teach students about various aspects of photography. You can also browse a list with links to work of well-known photographers for thematic study.

Submitted by:
Tatsuya Sato Of Shinjuku
Tokyo, Japan