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(Image credit: Achieve3000’)

Achieve3000’s Differentiated Fiction is designed for K-8 students. Each story is precision differentiated and contains five to seven engaging “episodes” to inspire and spark a joy of reading in all students. Reading fiction is an effective method of improving vocabulary and language skills while boosting emotional intelligence and social skills.


(Image credit: Spark)

Adobe Spark now supports live collaboration through the web application. Students and educators can begin a project and invite others to work on it by adding their email and collaborating to make edits. By collaborating in Spark, students have the opportunity to cultivate creative problem solving and visual storytelling skills.


(Image credit: Reading)

Age of Learning launched Reading Level Assessments and other enhancements to its award-winning digital library and literacy platform ReadingIQ, which helps match children 12 and under with the right books for their level and interests from nearly 10,000 expert-curated titles and includes Accelerated Reader, Lexile, and Guided Reading.


(Image credit: Alive Studios)

Alive Studios has unveiled Classrooms alive! for pre-K and kindergarten classrooms. This research-based supplemental curriculum provides a multi-sensory learning experience where 26 animals come alive in 3D and interact with students to help them learn foundational skills for reading and math. Classrooms alive! promotes knowledge retention and improves student outcomes.


(Image credit: UltraKey)

UltraKey Online is a media-rich experience using 3D graphic animation, voice-supported instruction and video, all achieved using HTML5 and JavaScript – no installs or plugins. The software has been engineered and proven effective on iPads with keyboards and Chromebooks, during extensive classroom use.


Classcraft story mode illustration: Heroes on the mountaintop face an unknown tower.

(Image credit: Classcraft)

Classcraft: Season 1 is a part of Classcraft’s new “Story Mode,” which is designed to help teachers improve student engagement, foster a positive school climate, and promote social emotional learning (SEL) through a series of stories set within the Classcraft world. Season 1 explores themes of self-discovery and human relationships.


Code with Google combines Google’s free curriculum and programs that build coding skills—from beginner level to advanced—to help students succeed. Teachers can integrate CS First into their classroom, guide their high school students to the free code learning app Grasshopper to learn Javascript, or share CS scholarship opportunities with students.


(Image credit: Ed Leadership Sims)

Ed Leadership Sims offers online simulations that allow school leaders to make decisions and experience consequences in risk-free scenarios ranging from supporting transgender students to budget crises. Their newest simulation scenarios were developed in collaboration with the Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents, Gwinnett County Public Schools, and other institutions.


(Image credit: FreshGrade)

FreshGrade launched FreshGrade Next. The platform gives administrators, teachers, students and families access to a communication system that simplifies interaction and emphasizes engagement. FreshGrade Next is a learning network for the age of instant access, combining elements of lesson planners, portfolios, communication systems and gradebooks into a seamless experience.

(www.gaggle.net) & (www.contentkeeper.com)

(Image credit: Gaggle)

Gaggle has partnered with ContentKeeper Technologies to create Gaggle Safety for ContentKeeper, a solution that empowers districts to provide a stronger digital safety net to protect students on and off campus. Gaggle Safety for ContentKeeper integrates ContentKeeper’s Web Filtering and Security Platform for schools with the Gaggle student safety solution.


(Image credit: GatherIQ)

GatherIQ is a free app and website that teaches students about the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals) for 2030 and inspires them to take action to make the world a better place. The Global Goals address many critical challenges, including poverty, hunger, gender inequality, lack of water and sanitation, and education inequality.


(Image credit: GoodReader 5)

GoodReader 5 delivers an interface that makes viewing documents on an iPhone or iPad even easier. Users can now view two documents or different sections of the same document simultaneously. This feature is useful for comparing documents such as drafts of contracts or researching for homework assignments.


(Image credit: itslearning)

The newest release of the itslearning learning management system (LMS) has improved the workflow for OneDrive and G Suite users, added more security features such as password protection for tests, and made text easier to read. It also adds new functionality for communication and for viewing event details.


(Image credit: Jamf)

Jamf announced that the Jamf Parent iOS app is now available. The free app empowers parents to manage their children’s school-issued devices, if they’re managed with Jamf Pro or Jamf School. With Jamf Parent, parents can schedule homework, manage one or several kids on the go, and more.


Illuminate Education logo

(Image credit: Illuminate Education)

Illuminate Education announced significant enhancements to its eduCLIMBER, DnA, SchoolCity SUITE, Achievement Dashboard and Inspect PLUS products. To better support data-informed decision making, interoperability, efficiency and engagement, Illuminate Education added features such as an enhanced item bank, deeper integration with Google, assessment building, and more.


Illuminate Education has acquired FastBridge Learning, a research-driven assessment platform that transforms the way teachers measure and monitor student progress. The company provides effective formative assessments and assessment platforms, data that informs instruction, and the ability for educators to build strong systems of support within their districts.


(Image credit: Lexia Learning)

Lexia Learning added volumes of new content to accelerate literacy from phonological awareness to comprehension. With three additional levels of activities for grades 3–5 and over 100 new Lexia Lessons and Lexia Skill Builders, the expanded version of Core5 has increased focus on advanced literacy skills for upper elementary students.


littleBits Classroom is a new platform to make lesson planning easy and turn-key for teachers, ensuring more engaging, hands-on STEAM fun for ALL students. The platform includes lesson plans and activities across a wide-spectrum of subject areas, from computer science and math to art design and music.


KinderLab Robotics announced the Advanced Coding Extension Set, and an accompanying curriculum guide, Ask and Imagine, are now shipping. The Advanced Coding Extension Set creates a bridge between KIBO’s core pre-K to 2nd-grade curriculum and the computer science and engineering work students will do in upper elementary and beyond.


(Image credit: ST Math)

MIND Research Institute announced a suite of lessons within its flagship solution ST Math. ST Math Chats are 25- to 30-minute lessons that utilize 1:1 or 2:1 technology to create an interactive learning and sharing experience that begins with visual models or puzzles.


(Image credit: Microsoft Education)

Microsoft Education announced new technology to support inclusive, student-centered learning in the classroom. Windows 10 and Office365 accessibility features including new voices in 50 different languages for Narrator; Immersive Reader is now available in Minecraft: Education Edition; Presenter Coach in PowerPoint gives on-screen guidance on pacing, and more.


(Image credit: Nearpod)

Nearpod launched Time to Climb, a new game-based activity that allows students to compete across various subjects through interactive visualizations to assess comprehension and increase engagement in the classroom. The activity asks students to answer multiple choice questions against the clock, visualizing their progress and understanding through interactive simulations.


OverDrive Education released data detailing a dramatic increase in reading by K-12 students. Ebook and audiobook reading increased over 240% when students connected their Sora classroom reading app to their local public library versus students solely accessing their school collection.


(Image credit: Ozobot Classroom)

Launching this fall, Ozobot Classroom is a STEAM learning management system that will enhance the classroom experience and help teachers manage lessons and student engagement. This new platform offers teachers a more effective path to introducing coding skills to their students and creates more opportunity for collaboration in the classroom.


(Image credit: Smart Buddies)

Pitsco Education, in collaboration with SmartGurlz, announced the launch of Smart Buddies – the newest addition to its K-12 coding and robotics continuum. Smart Buddies is a new coding solution accompanied by a curriculum that focuses on increasing diversity awareness for third- to fifth-grade students throughout the US and Canada.


(Image credit: PublicSchoolWORKS)

PublicSchoolWORKS announced several enhancements to its Staff Training System that will enable school administrators to easily monitor training progress and make decisions based on data to ensure teachers and staff are prepared to meet today’s school safety challenges. The latest enhancements available make training completion data more accessible and actionable.


(Image credit: Squirrels LLC)

Squirrels LLC released Ditto Connect for Chrome OS, an app that enables Chromebook screen mirroring to a number of receiver types that are not natively compatible. Ditto allows hardware from competing technology companies including Apple, Google and Microsoft to wirelessly connect for screen and audio sharing.

Hardware & Software

Check out the latest back-to-school offerings from our Tech & Learning partners.

(Image credit: PowerGistics)

With PowerGistics, schools save time, gain valuable classroom space and save on repairing and replacing devices. The open concept allows teachers to confirm devices are plugged in and accounted for while the unique cord management allows students to manage their own pick up and drop off. Teachers can spend their time teaching rather than worrying about managing devices. Solutions available in multiple sizes and number of shelves in desktop, mobile, stationary or wall mount units.

(Image credit: CatchOn)

CatchOn is an expansive data analytics tool that compiles real-time data on school-owned devices, both inside and outside the classroom, enabling districts to make data-informed decisions about the apps and online tools their educators and students are using. CatchOn’s customizable dashboards allow district and school leaders to see the information that is relevant and actionable for their role. Providing data down to the class level, CatchOn delivers actionable insights that boost achievement and inform ROI.

(Image credit: NetSupport)

NetSupport is a market-leading developer of award-winning education IT solutions for schools and districts. Discover how our complete IT Network Management suite, NetSupport DNA, can help you manage school-wide IT, maintain a safe learning environment, and boost digital citizenship; or how our Classroom Management solution, NetSupport School, can help enhance the quality of instruction with real-time management of and collaboration with any student device in the classroom including Windows, Chrome, iOS, Mac, and Android.

(Image credit: Gale)

Gale, a Cengage company, is making enhancements across its portfolio of products, improving the functionality and user experience of its research tools to make its content more discoverable. These updates support Gale product users with new, user-driven features that promote exploration and discovery—all within a consistent platform experience. For more information visit: gale.com/product-enhancements.

(Image credit: Typing Agent)

Typing Agent is the leading online K12 keyboarding and technology program for schools and districts. Offering an engaging interface for students, keyboarding curriculums for K-2 and 3-12, that meets Common Core State Standards and reinforces common blends, grade-level words and is completely adaptive, enriching typing videos and exciting gamification features that boost students learning! Typing Agent also offers a Digital Citizenship Curriculum, a Learn to Type Code app, Spanish curriculum, best in class reporting, ADA features and more.

(Image credit: Discovery Education)

Introducing Discovery Education Experience, a simple-to-use K-12 learning platform that combines dynamic curated curriculum resources with on-demand teaching strategies, personalized for your needs as an educator. This collection of real world educational content brings excitement and relevancy to the topics you teach, so all students have opportunities to unlock their true potential.


(Image credit: BenQ)

BenQ (www.benq.com) hosted live demonstrations of its family of RP Series Interactive Flat Panels (IFP), Blue Core 4K UHD HDR laser projectors, PointWrite interactive technology, and the newly launched secure and software-free WDC10-C USB-C InstaShow wireless presentation system at ISTE 2019, all designed to make collaboration and learning exciting and intuitive.

(Image credit: Boxlight)

Boxlight Corporation’s (www.boxlight.com) MimioClarity, includes either a two-speaker or four-speaker configuration. It is designed to deliver sound proportionally for students not only in the front of the classroom but seated in the back, while amplified front-of-classroom audio will also no longer be carried into adjacent classrooms.

(Image credit: Maxell)

Maxell, Ltd. (maxellproav.com) launched three 3LCD laser projectors. The Maxell MP-WU5603 and MP-WX5603 feature 6,000 ANSI lumen brightness, while the Maxell MP-WU5503 features 5,000 ANSI lumen brightness. These projectors offer 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, and up to 50,000 hours with Long Life 2 mode.

(Image credit: POWERUP Toys)

POWERUP Toys (www.poweruptoys.com) released STEM kits POWERUP RACERS and POWERUP 4.0. With POWERUP RACERS, students learn the principles of flight while sharpening their problem-solving skills as they fold their own paper vehicle out of a sheet of paper, clip on the POWERUP motor, and drive, float, or fly their creations.

(Image credit: Pilot X)

The Pilot X, the mobile addition to HoverCam’s Pilot (www.hovercam.com) series, is a tablet-based, battery-operated, wireless digital teaching station that’s designed for ultra-mobility. The tablet can be charged while docked in the station or be removed to grant teachers more flexibility around the classroom.

(Image credit: Epson)

Epson (www.epson.com/education) introduced the BrightLink 1485Fi and the BrightLink 1480Fi ultra short-throw interactive laser displays. Leveraging a virtually maintenance-free laser light source, these ultra short-throw, 1080p Full HD laser displays offer new 16:6 ultra-wide display options for turning virtually any flat surface into an instant, ultra-wide interactive digital whiteboard.

(Image credit: Dremel DigiLab)

Dremel DigiLab (digilab.dremel.com) partnered with Mosaic Manufacturing to bring multi-color and multi-material 3D printing to the Dremel DigiLab 3D45 3D printer. The Mosaic Palette 2 Pro S enables the Dremel DigiLab 3D45 to combine flexible materials, soluble materials, ridge materials and a different colored materials in a single print.

(Image credit: Promethean)

Promethean (www.prometheanworld.com) announced the next-generation of its award-winning ActivPanel. Following extensive user research, Promethean designed the ActivPanel Elements Series to deliver innovation and ease-of-use that matters to teachers and students, as well as the security and manageability trusted by IT professionals and administrators.

(Image credit: Vinci)

The da Vinci Color Mini Printer uses CMY inkjet technology and offers printing in millions of colors, free 3D modeling software, 3D model gallery, and more. Additionally, XYZprinting (http://www.xyzprinting.com/en-US/product/da-vinci-color-mini) launched its STEAM 3D Education Program to give away 300 printers to select K-12 schools. They will accept applications until September 5th.

(Image credit: Epson)

Epson (www.epson.com). The Moverio BT-300FPV Drone Edition first-person view (FPV) smart glasses are ideal for STEM classroom activities that leverage a drone. Providing a transparent display that makes it easy to view a drone’s video feed and key flight statistics, the Moverio BT-300FPV Drone Edition helps students keep the aircraft in sight.

After two years of competitive evaluations, the New Zealand Ministry of Education awarded Edsby (edsby.com) a contract to build and run the country’s Te Rito National Learner Repository and Data Exchange, formerly the Student Information Sharing Initiative (SISI). Edsby will be rolled out to all 2,500 public schools countrywide.

(Image credit: DFRobot)

DFRobot (www.dfrobot.com) creates comprehensive learning kits for students to engage with in the classroom. DFRobot’s robotics kits, created using Arduino/micro:bit/Raspberry Pi and DIY robots, offer pupils a coding-free method of developing skills associated with STEM subjects and bridge the gap between theoretical and practical coding and electronics knowledge.

(Image credit: Casio)

Casio America, Inc. (www.casio.com) announced the new Superior Series of LampFree Projectors. Ideal for the education market where WUXGA projectors are becoming the standard, Casio’s Superior Series of LampFree projectors offers brightness up to 4000 lumens, full HD resolution with crisp images and vibrant colors and a 1.7X zoom lens.