Here is a place online where kids can engage in social networking in a completely safe environment. More than just a social network, Whyville is an educational tool sponsored by entities like NASA and designed to engage children in all types of activities that will impact their understanding in real life. For example, they are encouraged to earn a salary writing for the Whyville Times or stocking up the cafeteria. The money comes in handy when they go to the mall to choose and buy their face features and clothes from thousands of possible combinations to create their Whyville character. They are also required to buy a house and deal with a simplified version of the hassles this entails. The golden rule on Whyville is to never, ever solicit private information like a name, address, phone or IM. This could result in a 911 report being filed, which means serious trouble. The 911 reports go straight to Whyville's City Workers (employees of Numedeon, Whyville's parent company), who are in charge of monitoring all chats and 911 reports and evaluating the contexts of the conversations.


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Alexandra Brunais