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You're Adorable

Are you looking for another way to visually and musically teach the alphabet?
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Are you looking for a "new" alphabet song to engage your students? Are you looking for another way to visually and musically teach the alphabet? "You're Adorable" shows each letter of the alphabet with flashing pictures and words to accompany each image to help students with phonemic awareness.

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Tag. You’re It! Great sites for signs

Are you looking for ways to grab or hook your audience? What if you need a way to market your professional development? WigFlip, has some great places you can go to make some fun signs, graphics, scrolling text, or sticky

Tag, You're It!

At a recent conference I attended, several speakers referred to ‘Tagging.’ They assumed everyone in the audience understood the term, and didn’t provide a definition. I gather it has something to do with Web sites, but could you explain what it means? Tags are single word descriptors used

You're All In this Together!

We recently formed a technology leadership team at my school consisting of myself (the principal), the technology coordinator, and two teachers. The purpose of the team is to promote more effective classroom use of technology. We agreed to attend a summer institute as a group, but now I’m feeling pressed for time,

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Knights in Central Park  Are you aware of the artistry involved in creating armor and weaponry? The Metropolitan takes a comprehensive look at the arms and armor of warriors, soldiers, and knights from four different time periods in four different