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Quiz Generators for Techie Teachers by Ozge Karaoglu

Many of us are building out traditional quizzes for our pupils so here is a challenge for tech savvy teachers to play with some quiz generators in the summer time to have a techie-start to the new school year.

The first tool is theEasyTestMaker. You can spice things up with multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, short answer or true and false questions. If you want, you can use them all on the same test as well. All the tests are saved so you can make any changes on the quiz that you have created before. It also includes spell check.

Hot Potatoesis a favourite of mine and this is the quiz generator that we use to create different types of tests at school for all grades. There are six different interactive web-based test types that you can create. You can choose to have a multiple-choice, short answer, jumbled sentence, crossword, matching/ordering or gap fill exercises. You can add your own pictures or choose from the cliparts; also you can add mp3 files to your tests. It's an open source and can be downloaded to any computer. You can have a look the tutorialshere.

WithQuizCentre, you can create, administer and grade quizzes online. It also provides instant feedback.

QuizEgg is a web based online test maker. There are eight different question types. You can create different types of test such as matching, ordering, fill in the blanks, multiple response, word list, essay or true/false questions. Quiz Egg gives you the ability to randomize the order of the questions, allow retakes,show answers of the questions after the students take the quiz. You can also upload pictures, spreadsheets, excel or word documents. You can customize the background and make the quiz look more professional. You get the detailed reports after the students have taken the quiz.

QuizMakerlets you create multiple choice quizzes. You can add pictures or links to your quizzes. When you finish, you simply cut and paste it to your web page.

Simple VLEis a virtual learning environment that lets you create online tests, quizzes and exams. After the completion, you can see the scores and the given answers. If you want,you can allow the students to see the results of their exams.

Quizinatorhelps you to create, store and print exams and quizzes as well as worksheets and study sheets on any topic.

MyStudiolets you create multiple choice or question&answer style quizzes with pictures, video and HTML formatted text. At the end, you can get a detailed scores of the students and a feedback. You can embed them to your class blog or your website.

You can also try PhotoPeach to create a slideshow with a quiz in it.

These tools seem to be very easy to learn and use and sure to save time for tech savvy teachers!!

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