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What Do You Do With All Your Photos?

While folks could find them by searching my feed, I like being able to collect them and share them better.
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Many teachers are good at taking lots of photos of their students and their learning. Besides posting to social media, what other things do you do with those images?

— Dean Shareski (@shareski) March 8, 2018

I’m always curious about what people do with their photos either personally or professionally. Abundance doesn’t always translate to usefulness. Which is what prompted my question and specifically to go beyond posting to Twitter, which is great but had me wondering about other ideas.

I had a number of great responses. While folks could find them by searching my feed, I like being able to collect them and share them better. Storify used to be a great tool but it died. Twitter moments is a nice option but recently found out about Wakelet which does tweets but like Storify allows you to add content from other sources. At any rate, here are the ideas shared.

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Dean Shareski is the Community Manager of the Canadian DEN (Discovery Educators Network) and lecturer for the University of Regina. With 24 years of experience as a K12 educator and consultant, he specializes in the use of technology in the classroom. Read more at ideasandthoughts.org.



What Are You Doing With All Your Photos?

While visiting New York City I stood and saw nearly every person around me taking a photo. Not only with their phones and compact cameras but was astonished by the number of DSLR's. Clearly, people are serious about taking pictures. They've embraced the notion that they are now photographers and are enjoying the affordances of cheap failure.  I kept wondering what would they do with these photos?

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