Open Up Resources Debuts Math Curriculum

Open Up Resources Debuts Math Curriculum

Open Up Resources, a nonprofit founded to develop openly-licensed, standards-aligned curricula, is announcing that its first comprehensive curricula will be available for adoption by districts in the 2017-18 school year.

The nonprofit also selected five school districts as charter partners for the initial product, an openly-licensed middle school mathematics curriculum; these partner districts will use the materials for the full 2016-17 school year, collaboratively refining the curricula in advance of their general release in 2017-18.

The openly-licensed curricula provided by Open Up Resources feature:

  • Developed by Illustrative Mathematics, the organization founded by mathematician and state standards author William McCallum.
  • Curriculum-scale: Open Up Resources provides complete curricula which can substitute for existing textbooks
  • Less costly for districts: The freely-licensed content allows districts to save up to 80% overall versus the cost of adopting materials from traditional publishers.
  • Extensive support for district adoption
  • Developed with advanced supports for English Language Learners
  • Provided under the most flexible license: The curriculum is the first middle school math curriculum to be released under the Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY), the most accommodating of OER licenses.

School districts interested in reviewing the materials can contact Open Up Resources at: