Manage High Priority Students

K-12 districts that use School Loop Plus can now create and manage high priority groups of students on the fly with the OpenLoop High Priority Group API. High Priority Groups are sets of students who require ongoing teacher attention, like at-risk students, special education students or English language learners. With OpenLoop High Priority Group API, these groups can be identified in any data analysis, assessment, attendance, special education, or student information system used by a district, and that same identification is sent directly into School Loop Plus.

OpenLoop from School Loop is a set of web-based, flexible services that allow software developers and K- 12 districts to exchange data with subsystems in School Loop Plus.

The OpenLoop APIs are implemented through a secure http web-service. The web-service is a simple REST-based implementation, meaning no extra message layering -- such as SOAP - is required. The password-protected XML interface makes it automatic, providing vendors with a flexible, secure, and easy-to-implement interface.

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