Best Free Trials For Education September 2021

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Although many students have returned to in-person learning this fall, online education tools are here to stay.  The best online learning platforms are powerful, interactive tools that engage our digital native students in a way that paper and pencil can’t match. Even if free teaching resources are available, paid tools often include many valuable extra features, providing a deeper learning experience for students, while saving time for teachers. 

But how can a teacher or principal know which education tools are worth the price? A free trial can help answer this question—but only if it is long enough to permit a full exploration of the benefits (and drawbacks) of each program. For this reason, every free trial featured in this article lasts at least 30 days, with some as long as a generous 90 days.

Best Free Trials For Education

Buncee is a slide-based multimedia presentation tool with the latest creative features students love, such as stickers, emojis, videos, and music. Teachers will appreciate the simple drag-n-drop interface, the integration with Microsoft OneNote, and the ease of switching between desktop and smartphone. 30-day free trial with no credit card required.

A comprehensive AR/VR, coding, and 3D platform for education, Cospaces Edu provides virtual tools that allow students and educators to create and experiment with their own augmented reality worlds and games. Not a STEM teacher? No problem! Cospaces Edu is great for literature and storytelling, too. It’s also Common Core-aligned and integrated with Clever, Apple, Google, or Microsoft sign-in systems. 30-day free trial with code COSProTrial.

Data Classroom
This online data software enables users to analyze data, create graphs, and make use of ready-to-teach STEM lesson plans and activities. Data Classroom integrates with Google Drive and LMSs such as Google Classroom, Schoology, Canvas, and Clever. The 90-day free trial allows for the use of all features with no credit card required. 

Drawp for School
Drawp for School allows teachers and students to manage assignments digitally and provides a single platform for teachers to upload, assign, and grade. COPPA compliant, it includes Common Core-aligned lessons and unlimited cloud storage. Videos offer guidance on setting up and using the built-in tools. With the free 30-day trial, users can access full functionality, including the web-based app, and apps for iPads and Android tablets.

Explore Learning Gizmos
Named Best for Support in Tech & Learning’s Guide to Best Virtual Lab Software, the Gizmos website furnishes hundreds of standards-aligned math and science simulations, searchable by grade, academic standard, topic, and even textbook correlation. With the limited-time 30-day free trial, users gain full access to Gizmos virtual labs and simulations library.

FluentU curates real-world foreign language video content, including news, movie trailers, and music videos to help users learn a new language from authentic speakers—instead of canned textbook conversations. The 90-day free trial of FluentU’s Academic Plus plan for schools grants access to unlimited videos, audio, flashcards, courses, printouts, personalized quizzes, and more. iPhone app, iPad app, Android app included. 

I Know it
This K-5 interactive math practice site uses fun animated characters to reinforce learning. The easy-to-navigate platform is arranged by grade level; within grades, lessons are sorted by math topics, with the specific Common Core standard just one click away. Mouse over lessons to see a preview. Free 30 day trial with unlimited access and no credit card required.

LinkedIn Learning
Formerly known and loved as, LinkedIn Learning offers an extensive array of courses for learners of any age, and for nearly any purpose. Whether you want to improve your teaching skills or start climbing the administrative ladder, courses such as Educational Leadership, Curriculum Development, and Finance will support your goals. One month free trial.

Method Test Prep
Method’s short online practice sessions for the all-important SAT and ACT tests are designed to maximize student attention and learning. In-person test prep is also available.  Free 60-day trial for educators and schools.

Noteflight Learn
Noteflight Learn is an online music education program that integrates with Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, and other Basic LTI LMS. The COPPA-compliant site features assignment creation, live audio recording, hundreds of lessons and thousands of scores from the Hal Leonard Online music library. The company offers a 60-day free trial for teachers, who can sign up to request their trial. 

Peergrade is an online platform to facilitate peer feedback among students. Teachers create assignments and choose from a library of feedback rubrics or devise their own. Students anonymously review their fellow students’ assignments using the feedback rubric. Students then respond to feedback on their work within the rubric, while the teacher monitors commentary and provides clarification as needed. 30-day free trial of Pro plan.

Prodigies is a music curriculum for ages 1-12 that teaches kids how to play their first instrument, how to sing in tune, and how to understand the language of music. Prodigies focuses on teaching the basics of pitch, rhythm, and music vocabulary, while equipping teachers with music curricula, lesson plans, workbooks, performance tracks, and quizzes. 30-day free trial.

Targeted to music teachers, Quaver Music provides interactive teaching resources, a song catalog, drag-and-drop curriculum customization, automated gradebook, professional development, and district or school-level management reports. Lessons are aligned to the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards (NCCAS); custom curricula have been created for selected states. 30-day free trial.

Reading Rangers
A new web-based reading program designed to strengthen K-5 students’ foundational skills, Reading Rangers can be used in-person or remotely. Students rescue animals and embark on journeys filled with challenges, puzzles, and activities. 30-day free trial.

Softchalk content-authoring software helps schools and educators with the transition to online learning by letting teachers create their own interactive lessons. The site is divided according to school type: K12, community college, and university, and includes detailed instructions on integration with various learning management systems. 30-day free trial.

Sutori is a collaborative teaching and presentation tool for the classroom or online teaching. GDPR, FERPA, CCPA and COPPA compliant, the platform provides specific guidance for teachers of social studies, math, science, language, ESL, and English. Free 30-day trial of all features. Work completed during the free trial will remain accessible and shareable via the free Essential version.

Symbaloo offers a single location for educators to house all their bookmarks, from favorite teaching sites to educational videos and documents—or anything with a URL. It’s easy to get started right away using Symbaloo. Even before creating an account, users can explore the customization options for their homepage display and try different styles. 30-day free trial of ad-free Symbaloo or a three-month sponsored free trial.

Teaching Textbooks
Teaching Textbooks is a complete math curriculum marketed primarily to independent homeschoolers, but which is also adaptable for school teachers. Teaching Textbooks’ generous free trial consists of full access to all curricula up to lesson 15, including lectures, audiovisual solutions, ebooks, and automated grading. Trial users can select any or all of the curricula, from Precalculus to Math 7. The trial has no time limit.

The Character Tree
With all the required subjects educators must teach - reading, math, science, even physical education - there's hardly time in the school day for social-emotional related topics such as behavior and character building. Still, there’s no denying the importance of learning to get along with others, cultivating a positive mindset, and dealing effectively with difficult situations. The Character Tree provides videos, printable activities, teacher’s guides, and templates to help teachers implement character-based lessons. Additional resources such as webinars and character trait vocabulary cards further support SEL goals. 30-day free trial with no credit card required.

Typetastic School Edition is a full keyboarding curriculum spanning all K-12 grades. The curriculum is divided into three levels: K-2 Elementary, Upper Elementary, and Middle/High Schools. Each section offers hundreds of grade-appropriate activities, from “All Fingers Aboard” to “Touch Typing.” Features such as gamified learning and a dashboard to track student progress make Typetastic attractive to kids and educators alike.  No ads. Free 60-day trial for teachers, schools and districts.

TYTO Online
Teaching online STEM topics may be one of the greatest challenges of remote education. Tyto Online integrates real-world student-led investigations with online games and storylines. The company provides extensive teaching resources and employs strategies to support girls and underrepresented minorities. Free 60-day trial. 

Vernier Graphical Analysis Pro App
Graphical Analysis Pro allows users to collect, share, and analyze sensor data. Synchronize graphed data to experimental videos and use the replay feature to speed up or slow down phenomena. Teachers can create their own videos to distribute to students studying remotely. Free 30-day trial for educators.

Most web-based platforms require users to sit in front of a screen while working. Not so for Walkabouts, a unique movement-based lesson software that teaches math, language arts, and reading to preK-2 students while they’re running in place, jumping, or otherwise physically active. The research-based program offers a one-month free trial using the product code TRIAL1M.

WeVideo’s web- and app-based tools make it easy for students and teachers to capture, edit, and share video, podcasts, GIFs, and more. It’s designed to be highly user-friendly, so even younger learners will catch on quickly. 30-day free trial.

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