Top10 Web Stories

1 40 Sites & Apps for Creating Presentations

David Kapuler shares useful resources for making professional presentations and slideshows.

2 Ten More Easy Tech Tools That Every Educator Should Have Started Using Yesterday, Part 2

Patricia Brown highlights some amazing tools to help educators get organized and boost student engagement.

3 What E-Rate Really Means

Kevin Hogan shifts the E-Rate discussion to investment in Wi-Fi within schools.

4 Bill Gates Names Six Great Tools for Teachers

The tech leader shares his top picks of digital products designed for education.

5 More Than Wordle

Michael Gorman reviews word cloud generators, many with additional capabilities.

6 Download YouTube Clips Easily

Seamlessly integrate educational YouTube clips into your digital lessons with this simple tool.

7 Five Ideas to Make Lectures and Presentations Interactive

Lisa Nielsen shares strategies to liven up your lectures.

8 Pump Up Students with Digital Icebreakers

Shelly Terrell offers ideas to help shy students connect with their peers.

9 The Next Dimension: 3D Printers

Gary Stager makes a case for adding the 3D printer to your classroom.

10 What You Don’t Know About Mobile Device Liability Can Cost You Real Money

This handy infographic touches upon the key facts of mobile device liability.