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Exploring Native American Culture through the Five Senses

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November is Native American Heritage Month. Begin the celebration of the diverse cultures of the many groups of Native Americans with this exploration of the Woodland Indians of the eastern United States. Learn about the three major linguistic families of the Northeast Woodland tribes, and find a list of many of the tribes in the Northeast Culture area along with a map showing where they lived. Storytelling and music held important roles in Native American life. One of the suggested activities is develop your own story and tell it to the class. There are also clear instructions on how to make a paper longhouse.

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Native American Cultures

Native American Cultures From Scholastic and Earthwatch, this site allows visitors to learn about modern-day Native American fishers of salmon on the Skagit River in Washington, about 2,000-year-old Native American rock art in Utah, and about prehistoric pueblos in New Mexico. The site offers an

Exploring Native Americans Across the Curriculum

Exploring Native Americans Across the Curriculum Use this cross-curriculum lesson plan to "blast stereotypes" about Native Americans. Students use geography/map, math, language/writing, history, art, and cooking skills to discover the complexity of Native American groups in history and modern times.

Traditional and Contemporary Native Culture

An excellent resource on the tribal groups located along the trails followed by explorers Lewis and Clark. Each group has a section devoted to its modern and historical cultures, as well as the tribe's relationship with the United States during

Native American Perspective

Pdf version of a brochure written by the Circle of Tribal Advisors, the Indian group connected with the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Reenactment. Writing from the perspective that Lewis and Clark's journey foreshadowed future sorrow, the authors still welcome visitors,

National Museum of African American History and Culture

The newest Smithsonian Museum offers many exhibits about the history and culture of African Americans. "This is America's history," says director Lonnie Bunch.  Visitors to the site can contribute to the virtual Memory Book,  listen to stories from the StoryCorps


Explorations in American History

This site offers an extensive collection of rare primary sources covering three basic themes: Struggle for Independence, Struggle for Rights, and Struggle for Equality.

Identity by Design, Native Women's Dress

Identity by Design, Native Women's Dress This is a comprehensive exhibit that examines the traditions, changes, and celebrations found in the dress of Native American women of the nineteenth-century Great Plains, Great Basin, and Plateau tribal regions. The exhibition accomplishes many things at