Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies: Resources for Teachers

Name:Mrs. Glosser’s Math Goodies: Resources for Teachers

Brief Description of the Site:
Although the site obviously hopes to sell its CD-Rom, it also offers many freebies worth mentioning. The Teachers’ Page offers access to: a library of interactive math lessons, math-oriented crossword and word-search puzzles, a library of worksheets, articles on teaching math, and reviews of math software. The site also offers forums for students (homework help), for teachers, and for parents (including home-schoolers). One link provides access to calculators — some useful, like the random number generator or loan calculator — and some quaint, like the Y2K Countdown Calculator (it now shows negative numbers). As the site’s name implies, the site offers lots of “goodies†— some more worthwhile than others but all worth the time spent picking and choosing.

How to use the site:
Educators might want to start with a Forum topic or browse for lessons that they can use or adapt. Some might want to read the articles on teaching math and others might prefer the software reviews. If you’re a bibliophile you might want to investigate the assortment of books available at the ‘bookstore.’ This is a very content-rich site which offers something for a wide range of interests.